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2022 Business will soon be COMPLETLY ONLINE "The New Normal"

The pandemic has accelerated the worldwide digital transformation. Online businesses have opportunities for massive growth. But it comes with a cost: elevated consumer expectations. Merchants who opt for "business as usual" may find survival difficult.

The New Normal for 2022

Mobile now. The world is on smartphones. Thus mobile shopping continues to grow. U.S. eCommerce sales on smartphones will soon average 40% or more depending on the source. In less developed countries, it's nearly 100%. Moreover, consumers' skepticism about mobile payments is slowly fading with the rise of faster and more secure methods.

"Mobile-first" considers everything from native smartphone-friendly user interfaces to streamlined checkouts — not scaled-down desktop experiences. By 2022, develop for mobile devices first and then scale up. It creates a more seamless experience across all device types.

Personalization throughout. Addressing a customer by the first name in marketing emails was once enough. Today, consumers expect both relevant product recommendations and reminders to purchase. By delivering dynamic content — tailored to the shopper — stores can close more sales and increase average order values.

Many platforms offer APIs, allowing businesses access to information that triggers specific actions or injects certain content into messages. For example, a shopper's geolocation, purchase history, marital status, career changes — all could prompt a personalized offer.

There is a caveat to personalization, however. Some platforms track consumers across the web. This may violate your store's terms of service or privacy policy and could otherwise alienate shoppers.

Surveys are an affordable, non-intrusive way to customize products and messaging. For example, pop-culture retailer Hot Topic once ran an email campaign that asked recipients which Harry Potter house they preferred. Subsequent messages focused on the recipient's preference.

Let's not waste any time, though.

Even though marketing is more challenging than before, I want you to do two things so you can start seeing better results.

First off, stop studying marketing... literally, don't spend tons of hours reading or watching videos. I want you to spend more time taking action.

Second, I want you to focus on results. Start with this. It will help you get a kick start and get more visitors.


Engage Web Designs

PS: Don't procrastinate. Let's start the year strong.

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