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How Much Time Should You Spend on SEO in Order to Rank #1?

To the uninitiated, SEO can seem daunting. Getting started is relatively easy, but to succeed in an exceptionally competitive environment, you need to dedicate yourself to the strategy. In addition, you’ll have to acquire new skills, consult the community with problems you can’t solve on your own, and continually scale up the diversity and intensity of your strategies.

The standard solution for this is to hire an in-house SEO expert who can handle all these tasks, maybe even a group that ranks #1 for Michigan SEO Services? Pun intended. If you can’t, it’s on you to handle them all yourself. Either way, the cost can be prohibitive, especially if you’re an emerging small business. Likewise, spending all those hours doing it yourself can tie you up, preventing you from pursuing more productive activities that can’t be outsourced.

Before you make a decision, you need to know one thing: how much time does SEO actually take?

The Short Answer

Honestly, the short answer is that it really all depends. Every company has its own distinct needs, with different customers, competitors, and individual sets of goals. If you’re trying to rank highly for hundreds of different keywords against heavy competition, you’ll need to spend far more time than someone who just wants a better chance at ranking locally.

This is the objective truth, but because I know it doesn’t help the average entrepreneur estimate times and costs, I’ll also explore more subjective tools for analysis. Just remember that there is no single answer that will apply to everyone.

The majority of the professionals that will read this article are small- to medium-sized business owners, so most of the analysis will best apply to these types of companies. Also, the time estimates given may vary, depending on the scope and strength of your campaign.

Ready to save time and take your SEO to the next level reach out to one of our SEO experts and see what options make sense for your company!

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