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This Review Is Worth Reading!#Investinyourbusiness

Lilly Is one of our many new clients that has seen why value is always worth paying for

Hiring the cheapest web designer in your town or even using one of those cheap website builders that only cost $.99 cents per month could be costing your business a lot more than just ninety-nine cents a month.

Reason Why You Shouldn't Use A Cheap Web Design Company

Security is one of the most critical things on the internet today.

43% of Cyberattacks Target Small Businesses, according to SCORE in a recent article. Affordable web design companies mostly use cheap monthly shared hosting packages that run thousands of websites on one server, AKA "computer." Here is a real-world example of what that means.

A shared hosting package like GoDaddy or HostGator offers basically like you renting a room in a house full of ten dudes. Let's say you come home one evening and your favorite chips are missing from the cupboard. You have no idea who took them.

It's the same concept with shared hosting packages for your website. Yes, they are cheap, but there is a reason why.

These companies host thousands of websites on the same server, so there is a much higher chance of another website getting hacked and crossing over to you, much like a roommate bringing home a stranger and them stealing your chips.

Check out our friend Emily Schechter as she explains in great detail what it means to have a secured website!

Out of Date CODE (written by a kitten), Sorry WordPress.

Is your website coded by a kitten?

Another cheap trick of some freelance web designers is to use WordPress. Originally WordPress was created as a blogging platform that became synonymous with web design.

WordPress is a pre-generated design that you can choose from and purchase for $50-$150 dollars. This might sound good at first but it can lead to an outdated and vulnerable website.

Since the majority of WP runs on plug-ins you are dependent on the plug-in creators to make sure everything is up to date.

Most of the creators are hobbyists and have full-time jobs not related to updating the plug-in or theme they created, this is where your website could get hacked and brought down.

Our websites are built using the latest Google code and are constantly updated to meet the latest security standards.

Are you convinced yet!?

Needless to say, Lilly had it right with the yelp review above you get what you pay for and that may even be an understatement with web design. There are plenty of cheap options to build a free logo or a 1.99 website but at the end of the day, it's going to reflect on your business as being quite frankly cheap and in the long run cost you more than you thought. With all that being said take a dive and explore what life would look like working with our team here at Engage so you can see what Lilly sees with a smile!

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